Die Querflöte
Zur Geschichte der Querflöte-Fertigungstechniken-Flötenköpfe von Werner Tomasi

Diplomarbeit Salzburg 2002
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Interferometrische Messungen an Querflötenköpfen
Der Einfluss von Wandvibrationen auf den Klang

Salzburg/Innsbruck 2004
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Aufführungspraktische Studien zur Querflöte des 18. Jahrhunderts
Dissertation Innsbruck seit 2006
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Interferometrische Analysen neukonstruierter Querflötenköpfe
Impulsprojekt des FWF in Zusammenarbeit mit dem
Institut für Experimentalphysik der Universität Innsbruck
und der Wiener Flötenwerkstatt Ges.m.b.H
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Project Description

The project examins to what extent material and construction have an audible influence on the sound of a flute. For measuring the acoustic characteristics of flute heads a newly developed non-contact interferometric measuring method is used, which was presented for the first time by the applicant in his master thesis. Furthermore, surface vibrations of flute heads shall be measuered and analysed systematically as well as with respect to the material and production method used. The “Wiener Flötenwerkstatt”, participating in this project, will manufacture flute heads of different materials in the conventional production process as well as in the innovative machining- and pressing process. The acoustic characteristics of these flute heads will then be objectively measured in the newly developed interferometric method for the first time and results will be compared to hearing tests.
This research project aims to commercially manufacture reproducible flute heads with objectively optimized acoustic characteristics; furthermore it aims at examining and optimizing the influence of materials and manufacturing processes on sound production. Consolidated findings have shown that flute heads are responsible for the characteristic flute sound. Therefore the scientific examination of materials and manufacturing processes is of utmost economic importance. Flute bodies are usually purchased from outside manufacturers; follow-up costs for the development of optimally fitted head joints, their adjustment and marketing could be considerably reduced with this new, reproduceable measuring technique and the assumed forecast for the manufacturing process.
Overall, the findings are expected to result in an optimized sound quality and in a faster, more accurate and reproduceable manufacturing process that leads to direct economic benefits.

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